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Floods, prevent flooding, drought and conflagration





The Idea for the prevention of flooding, high water, dryness and wildfire I have an idea on how to mitigate and prevent flooding. Aridity in order to bring a balace for aridity.


My Idea: Water Resource Containers


I have designed a concept that makes it possible to collect the vital water in special container systems. Thus catastrophes are mitigated and partly completely prevented. The collected water would be available to humans and animals in case of drought or water shortage. Foreword: The climate is changing and Causes great challenges for agriculture. We are experiencing more and more extreme weather conditions. It is getting warmer, and in some cases drier, and fires could break out over large areas. In addition, heavy rain with devastating floods is increasingly causing seedlings to develop improperly. Which causa a risk of crop failures. Similarly with heavy rainfall: seed plants can no longer thrive adequately due to washing out, And importantly due to speed of climate chang, agriaulture faces enormous adaplications problems. globally and importantly. This innovative concept of a water collection tank is intended to collect excess water and make it available for The periods of drought. To transfer innovative drainage pipes and to collect Water in a systematic water collection tank to store Water for droughts, both nationally and globally.

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